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Essentials of Interior Design in Palm Beach, FL

Regency Era Meets Coastal Elegance

While roots in the 19th century still guide Palm Beach’s interior design today, what was once exclusively influenced by the old world is now transforming into unique and inspired. Palm Beach was birthed in the image of the European Regency. This look encompasses classical buildings built in the United Kingdom during the era when George IV was Prince Regent. This architectural style extends beyond George IV’s time to earlier and later Gilded Age motifs. Here are some present-day Palm Beach decor hallmarks – elegantly blending the old with the new.

Marc MichaelsPalm Beach, FL
Clive DanielsPalm Beach, FL

Mix and match vibrant colors and patterns

While white reigned supreme in the Regency era, choice decor elements donning bright colors is a popular refresh for the home. Favorite colors like bright blue, lime green and even electric pink provide a splash of modern nautical and fun-loving beach vibes. Think sandcastle shovel and pale color palette for walls, botany, outdoor, Chinoiserie-themed wallpaper, tapestry and framed prints: bespoke woven rugs, pillow covers, and tapestries for floors and textiles.

Dwayne BergmannPalm Beach, FL
Sciame HomesPalm Beach, FL
Sciame HomesPalm Beach, FL
“My plan has only two seating areas, massed around a fireplace and an antique secretary,” Marjorie Shushan says of the living room. Throughout, she made large spaces feel intimate. Leather on stools from Donghia.
Acanthus InternationalPalm Beach, FL

Tropical and equatorial themes

“Palm” Beach is aptly named because of the variety of palm trees that grow there. Print forms of broad-leafed tropical plants and palms – which symbolize hospitality, peace and triumph also conjure images of tropical vacations and beachside ambiance. Choose fibrous furniture like wicker, teak, rattan rocking chairs, love seats, bar stools, and dining and side tables that are appropriate for a tropical oceanside climate. Accessorize with a blend of old world and new. Lamps and light fixtures can be found in both light fibrous materials and an old-world coastal aesthetic.

Whitney BloomPalm Beach, FL

Lacquered, mirrored and gold vibes

Take any aforementioned elements and add a lacquered, mirrored or gold coating. Palm tree sculptures, light fixtures, wall hangings, picture frames – nearly all decorative pieces can be transformed into a regency coastal chic look. Rather than outfitting every piece as a shiny focal point, choose a few statement pieces for each room.

Marc MichaelsPalm Beach, FL

Bringing the inside-outside

From a lavish covered cabana, porch or three-walled living space extension, to a fully detached casita, nothing says luxury like creating a fully furnished outdoor lounge living room. An indoor-outdoor buffer space allows for residents to fully immerse themselves in the elegance of an at-home sanctuary. With a bit of breeze, lots of plants and all the pleasantries of a reading nook meets tree house or an upscale beach house – call for relaxation and tranquility that will transport guests and residents to a simpler, classical time.

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