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Contemporary Architecture Trends of 2022

Luxury Architecture Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Luxury architectural design is an art form that combines architecture, interior design, and landscape design. It is a combination of these three disciplines that creates a unique look for each project.

Luxury architecture is a style that has been around since ancient times. The Romans built luxurious villas in Italy, Greece, and Egypt. In modern times, luxury architecture was popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe.

Enjoy these trending architectural styles happening all over the world, right now.

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1. Natural Light

Window and glass technology are celebrated in architectural design and layout throughout North America. Embracing the natural beauty that abounds from Vancouver – Whistler, British Columbia, to Sun Valley, Idaho, with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. Windows have become walls, framing forests, mountains, or lake views. Glass in conjunction with raw materials and steel creates a sleek and soothing contemporary design.

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2. Contemporary I Clean Lines

Stylistically, straight-edge contemporary architecture aligns with an aesthetic that many homeowners prefer over a more embellished look of the past. Function over fashion – practical and straightforward, seamlessly integrated into the landscape is the essence of Contemporary Architecture in Scottsdale or Park City.

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3. Three Car Garage

Trending in garage design are three bays or more. Luxury homeowners who live in gorgeous resort communities like Bend, Oregon live there to fully enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. A three-car garage is essential.

Utilize one bay for a drift boat or raft, one for twin snowmobiles or his and hers dirt bikes, and the final bay for all the ski, snowboard, cycling, and mountaineering gear. Three-car garages are a staple for their active lifestyle, whatever piques your interest in outdoor leisure or even your custom car collection in Palm Beach, Florida.

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4. Green Building & Net Zero Construction

No wonder the best and the brightest are redefining the art of architecture to include environmentally sympathetic designs and practices. Green Design and Net-Zero Construction align with this ongoing trend that values preserving the wild and fragile ecosystems throughout North America.

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5. Architectural Lighting Enhancements

The landscaping and lighting are equally important to the exterior, both as purposeful as the floor plan, interwoven, so each complements the other for a seamless and integrated experience, no matter the vantage point. Landscape lighting accentuates the architectural elements at night, making for a stunning reveal upon arrival and an equally spectacular vision when seen indoors.

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5. Mountain Modern in the Rocky Mountain West

Modern Mountain Design speaks to homeowners looking for a few foundational throughlines. A combination of an open floor plan paired with cozy elements and building materials like wood, live edge, rock and polished stone countertops.

Although the types of timber, tile, and stone often mix and match well, the clean interior lines, boxy rooms and wide-open large pane windows garner the smart, simple and zen feel. Mountain modern is a contemporary look that mixes all the best of Aspen-Vail or Santa Fe’s past but honors a vision for its future.

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