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Boundless in Jackson Hole with Amy Ringholz, of Ringholz Studio

Cheers to Amy Ringholz – Ringholz Studios!
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Build Magazine is proud to showcase an awe-inspiring project of our Build Magazine partner Amy Ringholz, of Ringholz Studio. Earlier this year, Amy was commissioned to paint a significant piece for the Jackson Hole Airport as a part of its beautiful 2022-2023 renovations.

Amy knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and was thrilled to take on the 18ft endeavor using her trusted ink and oil on canvas method. The project changed a bit when a long-time Jackson Hole family purchased the painting and gifted it to the Jackson Hole Airport, making it even more intimate and special.

Knowing that the Tetons powerfully tower over the runway, Amy felt the airport views adequately represented the majesty of the mountains. However, a close second to Jackson Hole is its unmatched ecosystem — home to hundreds of diverse and unique wildlife.

The painting “Boundless” was born to showcase fifty of Jackson’s amazing local animals and their intrinsic ability to live and coexist in an infinity symbol. Amy hopes the piece’s energy and power stop travelers in their tracks for a moment to enjoy the amazement of the Teton Valley as a visitor or local.

Amy says, “The animals were here long before us and hopefully will be here long after we are gone. We love them, admire them, respect them and learn from them. They are involved in a never-ending circle of life and symbiotic relationships. They are all different but work and coexist in harmony. May this great work inspire viewers and help to reveal how inherent differences define the essence and beauty of life and how these differences help us to love and support each other.”

Amy hopes “Boundless” will be unforgettable to viewers. People will enjoy it while they are in front of it, searching for the animals they saw on their trip and remembering it far into the future as something that hopefully moves them. Amy’s dreamy works are in luxury homes and spaces throughout Jackson Hole and beyond.

Amy adds, “It is a lifetime honor to create and share this piece of art. I am so excited to share this work with all who pass through our amazing little corner of the world.”

Please stop by Ringholz Studios off Jackson Town Square to see her works up close and personal or find wonder with “Boundless” upon your next departure.

Amy Ringholz | Boundless 2022 Triptych, each 72 in by 72 in, 18 ft by 6 ft. Ink & Oil on Canvas Jackson Hole Airport

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Amy Ringholz

Amy Ringholz splits her time between growing her business, Ringholz Studios, where she runs a gallery and event space downtown, and returning to her easel at night to work through beautiful contemporary wildlife paintings.

In Jackson, Amy’s artwork adorns many gorgeous homes, a clubhouse, restaurants, hotels and prominently at the Four Seasons of Jackson Hole’s Ascent Lounge.



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