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A Room For All Seasons

The Four-Season Room Is Enjoyed All Year Long

In many Western resort areas where migrating wildlife stroll through mountain towns like Big Sky and backyards year-round, you may want to consider building a four-season room as a safe and cozy viewing area. This elegant addition to the contemporary western home can serve as both a quiet sanctuary for reflection or entertaining. The four-season room has both a natural ambiance for design and practicality.

Imagine sitting on a love seat wrapped in a fleece blanket, gas fireplace glowing in late November while watching a herd of elk or deer linger a few feet away in Park City or Sun Valley. This fully enclosed, climate-controlled space brings wildlife and mountain views into your home.

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Your contractor will have all the specifications for installing a fireplace, electrical fixtures, thermal flooring, and sliding glass doors for your new build or remodel. Good lighting is essential throughout when the sun goes down early and you’re still enjoying a novel or conversation. The four-season room can house plants and birds while staying warm and cozy on those wintry and snowy days. This space also contributes towards net-zero home-building, where south-facing windows and flooring absorb the winter mountain sunshine all day.

The glass wall sliders open up in warmer months, bringing in the fresh mountain air and fragrant breezes. There is much to consider when designing this space for year-round use. Will it be a seating area with end tables, a coffee table, and comfy couches? Is there enough space for a dining table? In addition to large windows, furniture, and home decor – flooring is key to the four-season room.

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The flooring needs to be durable for year-round access to a patio or deck. Stone, tile, or concrete are some of the best choices. Installing a thermal floor with a thermostat keeps the room warm on blustery winter days. Accent rugs, matching pillows, and throws create a welcoming mood for guests. Decorating with accent plants can create a colorful tropical feel like you’re in Naples to contrast the four seasons outside.

There are other considerations as the temperature rises in terms of usage. Will it be used as a garden room in the Spring and Summer? Installing a planting table and utility sink with proper drainage will need to be addressed. Brainstorming with your contractor and interior designer will help you design a four-season room that fits your tastes and mountain lifestyle.

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