Genuwine Cellars

Interior Finishings – Vancouver | Whistler, BC

Genuwine Cellars The World Leader in Custom Wine Cellars

For twenty-five years, Genuwine Cellars has stood at the forefront of our industry,
redefining the art and science of wine cellaring. As a design and build firm, we
possess the potent ability to generate creative ideas, and then transform them into
creative realities. Our designs are informed by what we build, and what we build is
informed by what we design. This link is critical, especially with respect to
wine cellars as it is not sufficient that a wine room look aesthetically
pleasing—it must also be a functional place to properly store wine.

“Our Mission: To exactingly design, engineer and craft exclusively unique wine cellars that elevate, enhance and rarify the lifestyles of fine wine collectors everywhere.”

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