Eclipse Integrated

Interior & Exterior Finishings – Vancouver | Whistler, BC

Eclipse Integrated provides the latest innovation in folding and sliding door systems from Centor. The doors are in a unique product category offering award-winning development and made from the highest-quality materials combined with superior craftsmanship. This is the first truly Integrated Door System available today, anywhere in the world.

The best way to connect to the beautiful world outside is by integrating a door, a screen, and a shade in one beautifully designed door system. Enjoy your world today.

A complete solution with screens and shades built into the door frame, with hardware designed to be out of sight, providing no visual distractions and a seamless finish. The doors are effortless to use and stunning to look at. When designing the high-quality doors, Centor considered every detail to enjoy inside-outside living without compromise.

Designed for people and built to last, the doors move beautifully with smooth, fingertip operation thanks to the patent-pending hardware. The integrated screens and shades are free of pleats, joins, or folds to create a stunning background for living. Easy to use, they open and close with a single hand movement from any height, making them child friendly and ideal for entertaining. The transition from inside to outside with ease, the screens and shades are also completely balanced, meaning they stay open in any position.

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