The Top 5 Designer Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

By Alexandra Gilbertson, Marketing & HR Coordinator at Earth Elements Design Center

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. What that really means is that it is the part of your home guests gravitate towards and will really want to see. As a homeowner, that means your kitchen is where you want to put a lot of effort, especially your kitchen cabinets.

There is a lot of work and design involved with picking the right cabinet colors, so we thought we would help. We took note of industry trends, buying habits, and general popularity, and put together a list of the top 5 cabinet colors that will wow your guests!



White cabinets are a classic choice. White pairs with almost any accent color, making it easy to create a color theme using your preferred kitchen décor. It also has the ability to make a smaller kitchen feel larger. Most importantly, if or when the time comes to sell your home, white is the preferred cabinet color by future home buyers.


Currently the most popular and trendy cabinet color, grays provide a perfect balance of dark and light, and spans a huge color variety; there is even a variation of gray, “Greige,” that blends gray and beige to provide a warmer undertone while staying a neutral tone. Gray, like white, is a blank slate that works with any décor, but fits really well with an overall contemporary style. Also, gray can be used as a paint or stain color, further showing its diversity.


Oak cabinets usually mean older, more traditional styles, but white oak breaks the mold. Its light, bold color with tight grain make it ideal for staining and paint, or leave it natural to provide a really warm tone. It fits well in modern kitchens or designs take advantage of straight lines. It is also popular to lime or wire-brush white oak cabinets to provide a subtle, rustic variation.


Walnut cabinets have become quite a common luxury cabinet tone. They have a vibrant color that stands out, all without losing a natural wood appearance. It works incredibly well with stone, metal, and other high-end finishes as well. Due to its very bold nature, walnut cabinets often command the kitchen’s style, and the décor need to pair with the cabinets, rather than the other way around.



Reclaimed wood is a trendy option for home design in general, but especially in cabinetry. Reclaimed wood cabinets, such as barnwood or hemlock or fir, offer a natural wood look with endless style possibilities. Wood tones cover a huge spectrum of tones and grains, and in general, natural wood colors evoke that sense of “hominess.” However, if you’re looking for a different feel and style, reclaimed wood can be stained or colored in almost every way, making it possible to fit it into any kitchen design.

These 5 colors are the current top choices to captivate your guests, but there are a wide assortment of other color options too. If you are looking for something unique, or need help finding the right color for your kitchen, never be afraid to ask a professional!

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