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Intermountain Construction began over thirty years ago as a small general contractor in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Since then, we have grown in scope and expertise managing and constructing multi-faceted and innovative projects in both the private and public sectors. In evaluating each prospective project, we focus on the individual needs of the Owner and the project versus the specific array of skills, expertise, and services we offer, which are on the cutting edge of excellence. Our goal is to ensure a mutually beneficial fit, positive working relationships, and a team that meshes all its skills to deliver the best project possible.

Our mission is to build a relationship per the wants and needs of the Owners and Architects, visualizing all aspects, insight, costs, and a myriad of options to achieve the ultimate goal.

Not every project fits our talents. We tend to be selective as we evaluate the potential for a mutually beneficial fit and positive working relationship for all parties. We strive not only to build projects, but also to build ongoing relationships based on hard work and a commitment to excellence.

Collaboration has been the key to our success in building outstanding projects. We work to build a team starting with the Owner and the A/E and continuing to every subcontractor on the project. We successfully cultivate the collaboration so that every team member is invested in the success of every other team member. How do we do it? The secret formula is integrated into the management approach of every one of our personnel. We need only the opportunity to show you, as we have shown our past and repeated clients.

Intermountain Construction has defined itself in the construction industry with its unparalleled success in delivering unique landmark projects. Complex and beautiful projects are built with the highest level of craftsmanship, quality, professionalism, and technical expertise, whether commercial projects, lodges and resorts, high end residential projects, or Government projects. A review of our projects will allow our record to speak for itself. As the saying goes “You cannot argue with results.” Our results have been consistent and magnificent.

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