Kristin Hazen Design

Interior Designer | Scottsdale, AZ

Beauty can be found anywhere, and has the potential of being made from anything. The goal as creatives is to provide our clients the space to be able to find what is beautiful to them. Design should be intentional. Design should be curated and layered. Design should be unique. Kristin Hazen Design believes not only in being creative, but being different.

Kristin Hazen Design is a bespoke, full-service design firm based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We work with clients across the country, creating beautiful new builds and remodels from concept to completion. Our work involves a strong foundation, and our favorite part of the process is creating a thorough strategy from the beginning. We spend a significant amount of time upfront, crafting well thought out interior architecture plans, customizing design concepts, and bringing our client into the process from the get-go.

Our work is unique because we delve deeper into the details from the start and love to work hand-in-hand with the architects and builders we have built strong relationships with over the years. Our homes and interiors have the utmost attention to detail, and it’s because of our fine-tuned process that we can accomplish a seamless experience for each of our clients we have the pleasure of working with daily.

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