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Established in 1992, Earth and Images is a full-service interior design studio and home furnishings retail store located in Scottsdale, AZ. Our premier projects are located across the Southwest and span nationally.

Earth and Images specializes in creative design integrating interior space planning, material selection, as well as furniture and accessory procurement to create a personalized design package.

Our mission is to provide elegant, yet comfortable living spaces that represent our clients’ needs and desires in a beautifully livable way. We are devoted to collaborative design that is highly interactive. Every one of our projects is defined by its uniqueness, reflecting the personality, aspirations, and dreams of our clients. Our clients inspire us to create a memorable experience while designing aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

Every project is defined by its uniqueness often through the combination of contemporary ideals with elements reminiscent of the past. As a team, we collectively strive to for each space to embody “the comfort of the past and the thrill of the future”.

Very accomplished design team with excellent taste level and ability to work with client budgets. Exceptional overall experience and have referred Earth and Images to several friends!

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