Acoustic Designs Group

Architects | Scottsdale, AZ

Acoustic Designs Group is a premier architectural lighting design and audio video automation company with discerning clientele.

Acoustic Designs Group creates beautiful spaces thoughtfully folding their innovative designs and technology into contemporary homes throughout Scottsdale and across the country.

Since 2005, principals Chris Matthews and Kevin Flower have created an all-inclusive experience for their elite clients’ with an integrated seamless approach.

Discriminating architectural lighting design enhances environments through expertly curated illumination. Audio-Video Automation transcends the technological nervous system of your home, with refined craftsmanship and luxury to create your idyllic retreat.

We offer full audio-video automation, luxury shades, two-channel stereo, headphones, amps, turntables, and lifestyle electronics in addition to architectural lighting design. Creating a home, you can both entertain and relax in.

Acoustic Designs Group effortlessly amplifies your residential resort to create an intrinsic sense of comfort through back-lighting and recessed lighting that can elevate your luxury home into—a unique and personal sanctuary.

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