Samuel Design Group

Interior Designers | Santa Fe, NM

Samuel Design Group is founded on the belief, that the design of the spaces we occupy can have profound “life-enhancing” power. Our mission is to create well-designed spaces that are both functional and beautiful and are uniquely suited to supporting each client’s overall well-being.
Intentionality is entwined in SDG’s methodology, making it a process of self-discovery as much as creation. A beautiful room is pointless if it’s not meaningful to the client and enhances their life.

We approach each project’s uniqueness and budget while reflecting on the clients’ needs and originality. Our process includes getting to know each client personally in order to understand their space and their goals to develop a unique design story. Clients chose to work with SDG not only because of its reputation for delivering results but also for the process involved in getting there.

Our team and network of professionals were developed over the years. From creating unique furniture design with local artisans to working with professional builders and architects on renovation/ re-modeling and custom build projects. We have the support in place for your specific scope of work and vision.

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