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GF Contemporary

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Located on the iconic art hub of Canyon Road in Santa Fe, GF Contemporary is a fine art gallery that represents both emerging and established artists. Always innovative and fresh, GF Contemporary is constantly bringing in new exciting artworks. GF Contemporary appeals to a diverse clientele – first time art lovers to seasoned collectors. Created in 2009 by Deborah Fritz to showcase less representational art and more medium-driven process based art.

Featuring works by award-winning artist Pascal Pierme; collectors respond to the simplicity of his approach, which balances geometric abstraction with organic form. There is an undertone of symbolism as well, a hieroglyphic shorthand that hints at other visual languages.

Another artist is Gigi Mills, a former dancer and self-taught painter, Mills references not only the physical world through her figures and interiors but demonstrates a myriad of viewpoints resulting in truly imaginary spaces.

“At GF Contemporary we understand that acquiring art can be a passionate process between the collector, artist and gallery. We strive to create an unintimidating, ongoing collaboration between these forces. Our ultimate objective is for the collector to feel engaged in a long lasting relationship that will ultimately result in a life enriched by fine art. We would love to participate with you in your personal art journey.”

~ Deborah Fritz

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