La Fucina

Exterior Designers | Park City, UT

La Fucina provides collaborative services for homeowners and builders, architects, and designers who have an imagination and style that cannot be satisfied with common offerings found in showrooms or catalogs. In the same way that bespoke clothing is designed to fit an individual, La Fucina’s goal is to deliver a bespoke home design experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

With a focus on contemporary Italian design, La Fucina relies on decades of building and architectural experience coupled with enduring relationships with leading European brands and top artisans found in Italy.

The company president, Mauro Marzano, was born and raised in Milan, Italy, the global capital of design and fashion. Mauro has spent over a decade working with Italian artisans, building relationships with world-renowned architects and designers while consulting for many of Italy’s leading brands. When possible, La Fucina will take the client on a journey through Italy to better understand the client’s needs, style, and desires and introduce them to artisans, and designers they can commission.

La Fucina is frequently engaged in providing services for a portion of a project and can leverage their vast relationships to help find that unique entry-way door, lighting, kitchen, bath, or flooring needed to complete a home. Working alongside the builder, sub-contractors, architect, and interior designer, the goal is to ensure all aspects of a homeowner’s vision are fully realized and that their bespoke home is the perfect fit.

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