Wolf & Porter

Home Decor | Okanagan Valley, BC

Wolf & Porter is a luxury furniture company that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind high-end tables from sustainably sourced rare hardwoods. Located in Kelowna BC, the company creates unique and functional pieces of furniture that are built to last for generations. The Wolf & Porter team sources only the finest materials to ensure an exquisite product for each customer.

Partnering with the top suppliers of rare hardwood slabs across North America, Wolf & Porter is able to offer high end luxury collections from a variety of different hardwoods. Our goal is to provide our clients with something they won’t find anywhere else in the country. We carry some of the rarest wood slabs you can get in Canada.

Every time someone sits at a Wolf & Porter table they’re reminded that there’s over 100 years of history in the trees that came together to make it.

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