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MacPherson Woodcrafts, originally established in the United Kingdom, is a company which offers specialist woodwork, veneering and wood finishing as well as restoration services. We are able to cater for special projects and manufacture bespoke items to the highest quality and carry out all aspects of commercial and residential restorative work.

We offer a wide range of services to a variety of trades and are happy to meet the exacting needs of every client, selecting the most suitable and desirable materials for every project.

In our Summerland facility, we work with traditional machines and methods alongside the latest technology to cater for all manner of custom woodwork, large or small. We can also arrange CAD design, CNC production for higher volume work, laser cutting and engraving.

With a full range of finish styles available in a variety of materials, including high gloss polyester, we cater for every kind of finishing requirement.

* Live edge and contemporary pieces such as tables, mantels, shelves

* Wine storage solutions, barrel conversions, solid wood counter tops

* High quality flat and curved veneering

* Display cabinets, trophy bases, presentation cases

* Flight trays, serving trays, bowls, bread/cheese boards, chopping blocks

* Picture and mirror frames, TV surrounds

* Ornate and ornamental wooden objects such as relief’s, mouldings, boxes

* High quality traditional finishing to high gloss spray finishes

* Duplicator carving and engraving

* General lumber machining and millwork

Dan MacPherson relocated from the U.K. to the Okanagan in 2016 and re-established his long standing company. MacPherson Woodcrafts in the U.K. specialized mainly in classic vehicle, yacht and VIP aircraft interiors and was renowned for Rolls Royce and Bentley interior restorations. Now based in Summerland, Dan is applying his expertise to more local needs for both commercial and residential clients.

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