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“Custom” has been at the very heart of Kelbrook since its beginnings in 1977. Ron and I were cheap labour for our father’s company back then, but we grew up in a construction family culture where creativity was encouraged, collaboration was valued, integrity was modeled, and the highest quality was expected. 44 years later, we strive to bring that culture into every home, and every design.

We believe that we are all truly at our best when we interact with thoughtful, holistic design which enhances and enriches our lives – and translating what that means for you begins with understanding who you are, and where you are building.

“I’ve now worked with Ron and Grant on six projects – both residential and commercial – and I’m very excited about the completion of a seventh in 2022. Ron is brilliant with the numbers side of the business, and Grant has an amazing capacity to listen to an idea, expand on it creatively, and then bring life to it.”

~Todd Sloan

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