Developments in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is an area home to rich cultural experiences and amazing neighborhoods and communities. These new developments represent the local environment and might be the perfect place for your new home. Read more

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    Finding the Best Development for Your New Bend, Oregon Home

    When you’re choosing a place to live, you need to consider the development— not just your specific home. It needs to be safe and comfortable, with people you can imagine befriending. When you’re buying a house, you’re investing in a neighborhood, not just a home.

    Research is the most important way to find a great development. A quick web search can give you crime rates and demographics, but you’ll want to do a lot of research to find as much information as you can. You’ll also want to drive or walk through the development to get a sense of the community as a whole.

    What Can I Expect from Developments in Bend, Oregon?

    You might find a house in Bend that meets all your desires, but don’t forget: you’re buying a home. A house can be updated, but you can’t change its location, the culture of the community, or your neighbors. When you’re looking at developments in Bend, what you’re really looking at is your new community.

    You should find out about property and house values in the neighborhood, and compare that to the average value five and ten years ago to see how the development has changed. You also need to think about social aspects: do you want to walk to places? Do you want to be close to good schools? Are you raising a young family, or is this a retirement or vacation home? Consider looking at local websites, Facebook groups, Nextdoor pages, or the local newspaper to find out what goes on in the area socially.

    Finally, go visit developments that interest you the most. Seeing it yourself is the best way to understand a neighborhood.

    Questions To Ask About Developments in Bend, Oregon

    • When was the development first built?
    • What do people enjoy or dislike most about the neighborhood?
    • How has the development changed since it was first built?
    • What are the development’s amenities like?
    • Are neighbors social with each other?
    • How is the neighborhood for kids?
    • How long does the average family live here?
    • What amenities are nearby?
    • What is the local nightlife like?
    • What is traffic like in this neighborhood?
    • How noisy is the neighborhood throughout the week?
    • What makes this development unique?