Theresa Stirling Art Studios

Home Decor | Jackson Hole, WY

Forged with Purpose

Beeswax and Fire Art from Theresa Stirling Art Studios

Fire artist Theresa Stirling believes that in order to create great art, one must create a great life. “A fully engaged life means living and working from a place of feeling alive.” Accordingly, Theresa tells her collectors’ stories through her luxurious, large-scale custom encaustic beeswax paintings.

Theresa’s art is an expression of a well-curated life. She is aware of the space it takes to be able to appreciate beauty, and she edits her environment and work accordingly. She works with beeswax and fire encaustics, and her paintings are dreamy, textured, tactile, and organic. They offer the viewer an opportunity to go on a luminous journey as they explore new depths within their own experiences. The wax from bees and sap from trees make for a sensuous combination conveying the artist’s enthusiasm through multiple layers of expression.

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