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Ridgeline Log & Timber is dedicated to the beauty and history of the West, providing authentic reclaimed materials modern lumber can not duplicate. We supply unique, reclaimed wood, including hand-hewn and sawn timbers, log stacks, and a large selection of barn boards, all with original patinas. Curated boards and timbers are carefully sourced from structures across the West Coast and Midwest to inspire homeowners, architects, builders and designers. Our product lines have a distinct character and quality not found anywhere else. We take pride in the exceptional beauty of our interior and exterior products and our customer-first process.

Preconstruction, prefabrication, installation

Our craftsmen specialize in timber assemblies, recycled wood structures, and structural timber framing. We have extensive experience in building services, enabling us to lead your project or serve as a subcontractor. With an eye on strict quality control, we maintain a build yard where we can prefabricate and modify structures efficiently and securely.

From discussing your design needs to shipping materials for on-time delivery, we are here every step of the way. We invite you to schedule an appointment to delve into our current inventory and view samples of upcoming material.

“When we moved to Jackson, leaving a 230-year-old Pennsylvania farmhouse, I never expected to find the old, beautiful planks, threshing floorboards, and wooden beams Ridgeline Log and Timber offers. I found that both Kevin and Jared share the love of wood and the uniqueness of each piece as we chose the exact, perfect preserved woods for our project. They were wonderful to work with and interacted seamlessly with our contractor. I could not recommend RLT enough!”

~ Judith Buttala, Jackson Homeowner

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