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“Design Is Intelligence Made Visible.” – Alina Wheeler

Look around you, go ahead and take a peek up from this page and gaze at your surroundings. You might notice textures, patterns, and elements that are pleasing to the eye, and perhaps some that are not. Regardless of whether what you are seeing is a home or a hotel, our team is able to see beyond what exists. We see what is possible. Where some see problems and eyesores, we see innovative solutions. Where others see chaos and clutter, we have a vision for simple, luxurious beauty. With over thirty years of consistently approaching our projects with integrity, passion, and diligence, our process is as efficient as it is effective. We forge designs that strive to mirror our client’s unique desires, preferences, and character – down to every last detail.

Our team believes that homes should have personality. Yours. We thrive on the originality of every new design. We source materials from around the world as well as on-island to deliver an authentically customized experience, with no surprises. When our clients look around to take in their surroundings, everything they see is a product of our passion for our process, made visible.

We’ve worked with some of the best design professionals in the world and consider Trans-Pacific Design to be among them. Their work is brilliant, execution flawless, and professionalism remarkable. However, it is their integrity and commitment that truly impresses us the most. Their team is fabulously talented, responsive, and most importantly, people of meticulous character. We look forward to working with Trans-Pacific Design on future projects and highly recommend them

– Eric Bose, Director of Development, 1250 Oceanside, LLC- developer of Hokuli’a

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