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Interior Design | Hawaii

JM Design is a full-service design firm specializing in residential and resort properties with a focus on island luxury and tropical lifestyle. Led by Principal Designer, Jeanne Marie and in collaboration with our clients, our design team strives to establish a timeless style and unique custom vision for each home. With over thirty years of experience in the interior design field, our firm is highly regarded and recognized for our attention to detail, excellent customer service and efficient execution of our design vision. We also have a real understanding of island living and our designs are reflective of this as we look to embrace the concept of indoor and outdoor living. Our services include interior and exterior design and remodeling, design sourcing including fabric, paint, fixtures, accessories and furniture choices, staging for investment properties and vacation rentals and landscape courtyard design.

JM Design

JM Design prides itself on customizing each project to meet our clients’ needs. From custom-built furniture pieces, to locally sourced art, we strive to make your experience as unique as you are. Our team features seasoned designers, expert craftsmen, and stylists to meet all of your needs.
Anything you can envision we will help bring to life. The intention of our design services is to provide our clients with the highest quality pieces and original concepts, along with assisting to create an environment which visually expresses them!
Our design team specializes in turn-key projects for the private residence or investment property. We can supply materials from “floor to ceiling”, including specialty stone flooring, landscaping stone, sinks, bathtubs, ceiling treatments, and custom furniture. Whatever the scope of your project we will accompany you from start to finish ensuring that all aspects of the process is enjoyable and that the finished product is timeless.

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