Island Stone Creations

Island Stone Creations

Finishings | Hawaii

Introducing Island Stone Creations.

With a talent for producing functional art inspired by nature, Mike Stone is the creative genius and artist-in-residence behind this forward-design art and manufacturing studio on the Big Island of Hawaii, with a mainland studio in Oregon as well.

In Hawaiian life, philosophy, named “Huna” is linked strongly with the observation of nature, humans and the world around us. Our experiences and ideas shape our reality and Huna influences our decisions.

Mike is the man behind the push to bring lava-like manufacturing into focus. His timing couldn’t be more perfect. The world focused in on the Kilauea volcano eruption in 2018 – Mike’s backyard. Exactly when he started working with a lava-inspired process using cement. Kismet? Perhaps. The results are no less perfect – patents pending on the unique process, works of art in galleries, distribution channels opened, PR and local media channels featuring Island Stone Creations. Mike’s imagination is on center stage and it’s contagious.

Island Stone Creations casts several forms of lava found only in Hawaii. The pieces represent a variety of lava flow patterns and are turned into lightweight concrete furnishings, décor and collectibles for interiors and exteriors. Custom requests are welcome.

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