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50 years in the field growing and planting trees into the Kona landscape is who we are. Along the way we recognized that time was the currency of value, which in trees at least, means that age is an expression of worth.

Half a century of careful stewardship applied to a growing inventory of specimen stock yields a return on investment redeemable to our clients wanting the look and feel of Old Hawai’i.


50 varieties of plumeria for color and tradition and 50 plus varieties of palms, large and larger, are the most popular ornamentals, but our complete selection offers just about anything you might want, including natives and exotics. For your garden or orchard, we are the distributor of Four Winds True Dwarf Citrus and LE Cook is our source for low chill apples, pears, plums and peaches. And of course, we have an extensive selection of avocado, mango, lychee, and other tropicals from other growers around the state.

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