Firm 151

Architects | Whitefish, MT

Firm 151 Timeless, Thoughtful Design

Firm 151 is a multi-disciplinary studio, working in architecture, interiors, and product design. The firm’s approach is to engage clients in a dialogue to seek an authentic expression of beauty, purpose and harmony with nature. Firm principal, Randy Stegmeier, draws upon a contemporary sensibility to craft bespoke environments that harness the essence of a place to create a rich meaningful and connected experience.

The team is keenly interested in the artful relationship between simple, powerful ideas and their natural context. Each project starts with a deep understanding of its site and the opportunity it provides. A strong clear connection with the land drives the process from initial concepts to the development of details and timeless material palettes.

‘Truly great architecture will stand the test of time,’ says Randy Stegmeier.’I strive to envision places that look better with age.’ This keen notion informs Firm 151’s attention to craft, climate-responsive details, and focus on natural materials that weather beautifully

Firms 151’s work is highly individual and yet restrained, achieving at strong sense and unique sense of place by reinforcing the natural context and blurring the lines between built form and landscape.

“…having land and not ruining it, is the most beautiful art anyone would ever want to own.”

~ Andy Warhol

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