Today Ted speaks with Brian Scott of Lone Pine Builders and Patrick Rettig of Haven Architecture, two childhood friends, about their collaboration in Big Sky, Montana. Growing up in Massachusetts, these two were incredibly close. After college, they parted ways. Now they’ve come together again to create an incredible opportunity for a lucky buyer in the Moonlight Basin neighborhood of Big Sky.


Through impeccable design and creative architecture, Brian and Patrick have put together a truly special spec home on 20 acres for the discerning buyer. Listen in as Ted gets to the heart of the cross-country duo’s process and what makes this property stand above the rest.

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Topics Discussed

  • [1:55] A unique property
  • [3:30] The challenge of building into a slope 
  • [8:12] Breaking ground
  • [8:40] How do you price a spec home?
  • [14:15] A cross-country collaboration from Massachusetts to Montana
  • [19:05] Growing up as childhood friends
  • [20:45] Reflecting on the process
  • [27:50] Who is the buyer for this property? 
  • [32:00] What has changed in the Montana market in the last 20 years? 
  • [36:15] What are the stories you’ll tell your children?

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • I think the hardest thing to do like you said was it was the slope. It was getting the house up in the highest point that we could and get the best views.
  • It’s funny because, you know, the more we sort of globalize and the more we connect, the less sort of regional differences we see.
  • I always look for that in everything I do is what is the special thing that makes this unique and how do we have to celebrate it, right?


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