Today Ted speaks with Brett and Paul Berman from Big Canyon Homes about their Big Canyon Foundation. After years of building homes for wealthy clients, the Berman’s wanted to do more for their community. After a special collaboration with the Make a Wish Foundation, they decided to take the leap and create a foundation of their own.

Their company, Big Canyon Homes, always gave back in small ways, but the Big Canyon Foundation wanted to make a larger impact. They’re able to donate directly to local schools, hospitals, and military programs and see the difference they can make in their community. Today we dive into how they started, how they fund it, and where they hope it goes in the future. This is a blueprint for any business owner who wants to give back but doesn’t know where to start.


Topics Discussed

  • [1:35] The Big Canyon Foundation background
  • [5:00] The first time they gave back
  • [8:00] Where did the concept come from?
  • [18:45] Future of the foundation
  • [25:00] How the foundation makes people want to work with Big Canyon 
  • [26:00] How did Big Canyon Homes begin? 
  • [28:00] How did you get involved in the Make a Wish Foundation?
  • [32:45] Where can work ethic get you in life? 
  • [35:00] What is it like working in a family business?
  • [36:25] Net zero homes 
  • [41:00] What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the last 20 years?
  • [45:00] Altitude control technology
  • [48:40] How do you make building less stressful for your clients? 
  • [50:00] The importance of interior designers in the build process
  • [52:00] Favorite projects through the years

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • I mean, it takes a lot of work to help people, but anybody can do it.
  • We’re relationship based and we take our subs, it’s very important to us to take care of them, schedule, you know, value their time. We treat them as an equal because that’s what they are. I mean, you’re only as good as the guys that are working for you.
  • Honestly, I’m most proud of the foundation.  I mean, I know we’re a great builder and we produce a great product and stand behind it, but there’s a lot of guys who do that. Right? But what we’re doing with the Foundation, it far exceeds what we’re doing as far as building.


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