Today Ted speaks with Darrel Swift, a Journeyman Cabinetmaker who, since 1996, has worked as a Senior Design Consultant at the family-owned Westwood Fine Cabinetry. Since 1972, the firm has been designing European-inspired kitchens in the Okanagan.

Listen in as Darrel looks back on his 30+ year journey in the world of cabinetry and how he came to lead Westwood Fine Cabinetry.


He discusses the continued challenges of operating the business in a post-COVID world, stressing that finding creative ways to communicate with clients and vendors on a personal level has been one of the main reasons for Westwood’s continued success.

Finally, Darrel explains what sets Westwood kitchens apart from all the rest, as well as his tried-and-true approach to taking a client’s vision and making it real.

Topics Discussed

  • [02:24] About Westwood Fine Cabinetry
  • [06:01] How the industry has navigated economic turbulence over the past two years
  • [08:35] The importance of communication
  • [14:15] What makes Westwood unique
  • [24:02] Changing trends over the years
  • [27:13] About the different species of wood for cabinets
  • [34:46] How often trends change
  • [41:04] How Westwood kitchens set themselves apart from the rest
  • [43:43] Common problems that Darrel contends with on almost every project
  • [53:21] Where Darrel sees Westwood in ten years

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • Cabinet-making is not for the faint of heart. I’ve never seen a business like it.
  • Engineering: Pay attention, because the minute you don’t, the minute you mail it in on something, something is going to go wrong.
  • Appliances with supply chain right now are over-the-top. People are ordering appliances that aren’t coming for a year.

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