Today Ted speaks with David Pfuetzner, President of Align West Homes. Based in Kelowna, BC, the firm specializes in energy-efficient, custom home designs. Dave has been in the industry for over three decades and has designed and built over 300 homes in the Okanagan Valley.

Listen in as David looks back on 30+ years of building custom homes and how tastes and technologies have evolved over the decades.

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A lover of travel, he also talks about his architectural inspirations as well as the unique strengths that Europe and America have in the homebuilding industry respectively, and how David incorporates these design and construction strengths into his own work.

Finally, David shares how his wife has proven herself to be an invaluable partner both in life and business.

Topics Discussed

  • [06:25] Communicating and managing expectations with clients throughout the process
  • [11:54] David’s hands-on approach to his work
  • [14:09] How advancements in 3D modeling changed the way David interacts with clients
  • [18:13] How client expectations and tastes have changed over the years
  • [26:32] About Align West Homes’ custom fabricated exterior metal railing for decks
  • [28:03] Keeping up with new technologies
  • [31:46] How the lot dictates the design
  • [33:26] David’s architectural inspirations
  • [35:19] Managing risk with each project
  • [37:46] Keeping up with the latest trends
  • [40:50] Working with your spouse
  • [49:38] David’s biggest challenge at the moment

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • My clientele hasn’t changed. They’re still human. There are still dynamics. There are still triggers. They haven’t become different.
  • Keeping up with the technology is almost a full-time job in itself⁠—anywhere from the energy side of things, to products.
  • The lot dictates the design.
  • Today, the things that are trend-setting are related to energy efficiency.

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