Today Ted speaks with Peter Raja, President of Norelco Cabinets.

Listen in as Peter shares the keys to his success in the cabinetry space, from purchasing Norelco in 2002 to building the company up to 150 since.

He speaks on the underrated value of having a coach as a business owner, and how the company keeps an edge over its European cabinetry competitors with Norelco’s consistent eight-to-ten-week lead times. At the same time, Peter explains what American manufacturers can learn from their European counterparts with regard to automation and sustainable processes.

Ted & Peter of Norelco Cabinets

Peter also talks about the unique challenges of serving U.S. based clients as a Canadian company and how products are prepared for shipping to tropical or humid locations such as Hawaii.

Finally, he explains how Norelco is able to create timeless, as opposed to trendy, cabinet designs year after year.

Topics Discussed

  • [08:40] Lessons from sports that Peter implements in business
  • [13:43] Preventing cliques from forming in the business
  • [20:41] Building a company of 150 people
  • [24:26] Where Norelco will be in five years
  • [27:44] Competing with European cabinetry brands
  • [30:46] Acclimatizing their products when shipping to Hawaii
  • [33:17] Creating timeless, as opposed to trendy, cabinet designs
  • [38:09] Deciding which products to add to their catalog
  • [45:38] Achieving work-life balance
  • [48:06] Partnering with vendors and finding clients in the U.S. as a Canadian company
  • [54:21] Peter explains how and why he bought Norelco in 2002
  • [55:29] The biggest obstacle and opportunity that Peter sees in the future

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • We’re all one family. It doesn’t matter what your position is in the company—you’re as important to the team as any one person.
  • A recession is a good opportunity to meet people. They might not have a lot of work for you at the time, but when they do have work, you’ve been there for them.
  • What we’re trying to be is a high-volume production plant that is building something new every day.

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