Today Ted speaks with Edan Marshall, Project Architect of Grant Architecture Studio, located in Vancouver BC.

Edan Marshall has been in the construction industry for over 24 years, starting in the trades before completing architecture school. He has worked in several boutique firms, including the Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative, as well as operating his own design office, before joining Grant Architecture Studio (GAS) in 2018 where he is now a managing partner. As a humanist and a poet, Edan seeks to infuse a true sense of connection between user and environment to the spaces he designs.

The Cape
Grant Architecture StudioVancouver, BC

2022 marks 50 years as a registered architect for Paul Grant, owner at GAS. Having completed hundreds of projects across Canada, ranging from the largest and most complex high schools, to some of the most exclusive luxury homes in the lower mainland, he has been incredibly prolific, and shows little sign of slowing down. His design ethos is continuously evolving, and he strives to bring fresh eyes and original ideas to each new project.

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