Today Ted speaks with Maxim Gotsutsov, Co-Founder and President of Germanhaus, an award-winning design studio, and manufacturer of European-style kitchens located in Vancouver, Canada. Germanhaus is an authorized dealer of LEICHT Küchen AG and a current partner of BUILD Magazine in the Okanagan & Whistler Sea-to-Sky, BC.

Listen in as Maxim shares the key differentiators that set Germanhaus and LEICHT apart in the kitchen design and manufacturing space.

He breaks down Germanhaus’ incredible (and uniquely German) approach to construction, which has resulted in their production of 650 kitchens with net-zero carbon emissions. He also explains how the privately-owned LEICHT has consistently maintained its reputation as an industry leader after over 90 years in business.

GermanhausVancouver, BC

Topics Discussed

    • [01:44] Why Maxim chose Vancouver and his passion for tennis and healthy eating
    • [11:33] Germanhaus/LEICHT’s vision-mission
    • [15:44] How Germanhaus’ factory produces 650 kitchens with net-zero carbon emissions
    • [21:14] The difference between German and Italian kitchens
    • [26:30] Striking the perfect balance between form and function
    • [28:49] The biggest customer challenge that LEICHT aims to solve
    • [33:48] How Germanhaus has grown since its founding in 2015, and its perfect client
    • [38:13] LEICHT’s competitive advantages as a privately-owned company
    • [41:59] How LECHT has consistently stayed on the cutting edge after over nine decades
    • [44:34] How Germanhaus stays relevant
    • [52:37] About Germanhaus’ proprietary kitchen design software
    • [55:19] Why Maxim loves cars

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • Germanhaus came to fill that niche between good, local stuff, and high-end stuff from Italy, Denmark, and Germany. We’re right in the middle: We can service everybody.
  • One thing that you’re paying for with a brand like LEICHT is that there is a team of engineers doing R&D to make sure that the door panel above your oven doesn’t delaminate after 15 years because of the steam that comes out of your steam oven.
  • [Our perfect client] is the person that knows how to live.
  • One thing that LEICHT does very well is that their upper management is not disconnected from the blue-collar workers⁠—their staff.

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