Today Ted speaks with Trisha Isabey, Creative Director and Principal Designer at Isabey Interiors, an award-winning design company based in Kelowna, BC specializing in both residential and commercial designs.

The mom of two has loved design for as long as she can remember, but it was only in October 2012 when she established her own company. She sees her background as a professional stockbroker and financial planner as having paved the way for her current career, when her business acumen finally caught up with her passion for interior design.

Today, Isabey Interiors has grown into a team of 27 and is now ranked as the largest interior design firm in British Columbia. Trisha has since expanded into offering a furniture and home decor store called Furnish by Isabey Interiors, and a gift box business called Furnish for You.

Trisha is a regular columnist in Reno & Decor magazines, and the team’s work is regularly featured in both local and national design and lifestyle publications.


Topics Discussed

  • Why Trisha got into interior design and her experience starting her own business
  • Trisha’s core values and inspiring her team to adopt them
  • Lessons learned from her husband Kevin, who leads a team of 500
  • The power of habit and sticking to the process
  • The mentality of the youth towards failure
  • Staying on top of client wants between Trisha’s four companies
  • Working with draftsmen in Kelowna
  • Achieving synergy between different departments on a project
  • The difference between a good designer and a bad designer
  • Whether Trisha imagined that she would have the success she has today
  • Lessons learned in her second marriage
  • How Trisha mentors her kid

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • My core values are kindness and respect. I don’t believe in getting things in a way that hurts somebody.
  • The process is how you’re going to get there. You have to stop focusing so much on the goal, because if you know what the goal is, then it’s all about building a daily framework to get to the goal, and you will get there. Stop worrying about how fast it’s going to be because you have no control over that.
  • I don’t think you can be a perfectionist when you are a visionary. Otherwise, you wait for your vision to be perfect and it’s never going to be perfect.
  • It doesn’t matter how good your builder is. If your design sucked or wasn’t properly planned, you’re in trouble.

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