Today Ted speaks with Leslie Schofield and Catherine Goodsell of Lecate Artisan Doors, a full-service architecture and design firm with a mission to “create inspired and innovative designs that elevate the art of living.”

Lecate takes on both residential and commercial projects and services clients nationwide and has recently made its entrance into the global market.

Leslie and Catherine reflect on their partnership and passion for their work. To them, “a door is functional art,” and that “not every door has to make a statement, but every door serves a purpose.” The door is a piece to showcase personality and architecture, and they believe that it is an often overlooked part of the home.

The two met and went into business together for their shared love of furniture and design. Prioritizing collaboration over artistic ego, Leslie and Catherine believe in relying on the synergy of their individual styles to elevate the design of each and every single one of their doors.

Leslie, Catherine & TedSalt Lake City, UT

Topics Discussed

  • [03:06] The story behind Lecate
  • [09:03] How Leslie and Catherine met
  • [13:58] Leslie and Catherine’s design process
  • [19:19] Leslie and Catherine’s toughest moments in business
  • [28:49] How Leslie and Catherine make big decisions
  • [31:50] Keeping things in perspective
  • [37:38] The tipping point in Leslie and Catherine’s business
  • [41:06] Staying focused to be able to create but also execute
  • [43:11] How climate influences Lecate’s door designs
  • [45:03] What Leslie and Catherine are most excited for
  • [50:11] Staying hungry and balancing family and business
  • [55:47] What the American Dream means to Leslie and Catherine

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • When you walk through the door, that’s your first impression. That’s where people get a sense of what they’re going to get on the inside. They get to touch this piece of art. So, in our world, a door is functional art. ~Catherine
  • There is no ego in our designs. If I’m a lead on a project, I want to take it to Catherine and say, “What do you think? Could this be better? What can we do to improve this?” ~Leslie
  • We create inspired and innovative designs to elevate the art of living. ~Catherine
  • Not every door has to make a statement, but every door serves a purpose. ~Catherine
  • America was founded on dreams and hard work. I think it’s important that we protect those freedoms so that future generations have those same opportunities. ~Leslie

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