Today Ted speaks with Jason Veitch, owner of Arctic Spas of Bozeman.

Jason shares a serendipitous journey that brought the Australian native halfway around the world to Montana, USA where, over the next two decades, he was able to carve out his own piece of the American Dream.

He refers to the old saying, “You can’t teach common sense,” to explain his success as an immigrant despite lacking a college degree. “If you can’t make good, fundamental decisions,” says Jason, “then you’re probably not going to be in business for yourself.”

Jason Veitch & Ted BainbridgeBozeman, MT

Jason speaks on the lessons he took from his personal life that he applies to business, as well as lessons learned in business (particularly from working with ultra-wealthy clients) that he applies to his personal life.

Finally, Jason touches on how the opportunity to establish Arctic Spas of Bozeman came about, and how he overcame a period of near-bankruptcy to eventually get to the point where “the low months felt as good as the high months.”

Topics Discussed

  • [02:05] Moving to Montana from Australia
  • [07:39] Opportunities in Australia versus America
  • [10:28] Why college degrees do not guarantee success
  • [15:53] Lessons Jason learned as an athlete and after going through his divorce
  • [24:59] Lessons Jason learned from working with ultra-high-net-worth clients
  • [29:15] Why Jason decided on an Arctic Spas dealership
  • [37:07] How Jason went from working in his business to on his business
  • [42:10] The moment Jason knew the business was doing okay
  • [44:26] Jason’s mentors
  • [49:14] Arctic’s Spas’ new product line
  • [55:05] What Jason is most proud of
  • [56:59] What “American exceptionalism” means to Jason

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • Not having a college degree doesn’t pigeonhole you because our life takes us in different directions. And we get different experiences that are arguably more valuable than a college degree.
  • Especially in business, and maybe in relationships as well—the first person that speaks, loses.
  • People don’t know what you’ve gone through before you got lucky.
  • If you’re not trying something different, it doesn’t matter if you fail. It really doesn’t, because doing nothing is the worst thing you can do.

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