Today Ted speaks with Marc Poortinga and Mike Cook, co-owners of Distinctive Custom Cabinetry, one of the largest and most custom cabinetry shops in Arizona. Listen in as Marc and Mike reflect on their journey together in business, from rocky beginnings in 2005 through the Great Recession to working with millionaire and billionaire clients globally a decade later.

Despite their amazing success in the world of cabinetry, Marc and Mike hold fast to their small town family roots, describing their primary goals as making clients happy and providing their team meanining the work that they do. Finally, Marc and Mike share their vision for the future of the company as well as those of their children

Topics Discussed

  • [02:20] Why Marc and Mike decided to come together to start a business
  • [09:32] Lessons learned from trying to scale their new business in the late-2000s
  • [17:14] Growing into a global business with a minimum threshold of $3 million homes
  • [20:22] Mike’s upbringing in Germany
  • [25:47] What Marc and Mike have learned from working with ultra-wealthy clients
  • [30:05] How Marc and Mike keep their kids humble despite their fathers’ successes
  • [40:22] The future of the business
  • [44:28] Marc and Mike’s favorite projects
  • [48:21] How Mike’s role in the company changed over ten years
  • [51:38] How Marc’s role in the company changed over ten years
  • [53:06] How Marc and Mike lead their team
  • [59:02] Marc and Mike on their kids potentially getting involved in the business

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Key Quotes from Episode

  • Our number one goal was never to make a ton of money. Our number one goal is to have an awesome product and make people happy. ~Marc
  • You can never communicate enough with your customer. ~Marc
  • I’m always trying to think about what things will be like three years from now. Where do we want to be in three years and what do we need to put in place to get to that? ~Mike
  • If you love what you do, you’ll do whatever it takes. ~Mike

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