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This Paradise Valley hillside home in the Sanctuary contains 6,080 sq. ft. of livable area with 5,358 on the main level and an additional 732 sq. ft. on the lower level. This Modernist home reacts to its rocky hillside terrain by contrast. The roofs, interior and exterior spaces, and the pool are all expressed as rectilinear shapes.

The overall form, when contrasted with the steep slopes and rocky nature of the site, highlights the difference between the built and natural environments; the juxtaposition of the two accentuates the beauty in each.

The pool embodies this concept and brings the geometry of the home to the exterior. Its long, linear shape contrasts with the steepness of the hillside creating a moment of appreciation for both the natural site and the built home.

The interior mostly serves as a comfortable place to focus on the views to the exterior. Overall, the design of the home demonstrates how a modern home can be warm, livable, and highlight the natural beauty of its site.

Photography courtesy of Scott Sandler Photographic

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