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Bend, Oregon

Residential window tinting is perfect for reducing glare, heat, and UV rays from entering your home, making it more energy efficient in the process. Additionally, window tinting can reduce the fading of furniture and flooring. You can save money on your energy bills while also increasing your security and privacy.

Security films provide a powerful coating of protection you can’t see. These films present a nearly invisible layer of defense from vandals preventing windows from shattering.

Decorative films can serve as a temporary update or a long lasting upgrade. These films offer a wide range of frosted glass options and options of glass patterns to turn your clear glass into a work of art. An added benefit to these elegant designs is the privacy component these films can provide.

At Tinting Oregon, we’ll help you keep the view and reduce heat, glare and damaging UV rays! Call us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our professional Bend/Redmond home window tinting experts to learn more.

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