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With a passion for fine craftsmanship, T/LT 23 Studios leads the process of designing your dream high-end, luxury custom home from inception to completion. Our team delivers an intimate, thorough, and complete design package. We work closely with our clients through every phase of the home building process, from construction documentation and administration to the selection & procurement of precise furnishings that elevate the final touches on your dream home.

​T/LT 23 Studios is a collective of creative and dynamic design professionals, who collaborate to create immersive spaces through blurred boundaries between multidisciplinary design disciplines.

T/LT 23 Studios offers the design and delivery of high-end, luxury residential projects that are unique to every client and their diverse locations.

“Amy was the architect and project lead for our $10,000 sq foot+ dream home. She delivered exactly what we wanted with the design and it turned out exactly as we envisioned. We can’t thank her enough for making our dreams a reality.” – A. Robl

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