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Claire Ownby is the mastermind at the helm of Ownby Design. She formed Ownby after receiving her formal education from Arizona State and finishing an internship with a custom home builder who combined architecture and interiors during the height of the housing boom of the early 2000s.

Ownby is set apart because of our deep knowledge of construction. We have vast experience and a unique aesthetic due to the youthfulness of our firm.

Our firm is inspired greatly by the Valley itself. Scottsdale is very special because it is a melting pot, which in turn creates the perfect blend of design styles. We like to call that style Desert Modern, and it is our specialty.

Our strategy is to curate a palette of materials and repeat it throughout the entire home. We chose a neutral aesthetics due to their calming nature which also allows the client’s personality to really shine in their home as they express themselves with the artwork pieces that inspire them.

Every client can expect a process that is exquisitely orchestrated. We will walk them through every detail of the process, so they can enjoy what building or renovating a home should be. It should be an exciting process of expression of oneself.

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