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Bend, Oregon

Since the beginning of time fire has been an essential force of nature. Bonfires and fire pits provide warmth in the cold and light in the dark. Fire is the centerpiece and the ambient glow that makes any gathering feel warm and welcoming. Sitting by the fire with people you love inspires moments worth remembering and sparks conversations worth hanging onto a little longer.

At Montana Fire Pits we love gathering with our family and friends around a fire. We like telling stories, singing new songs, and dreaming big dreams. We like slowing down to listen and laugh long into the night. It is our delight to help customers create this kind of space in their lives, too.

Montana Fire Pits creates and curates the best, brightest, and highest smokeless flames for individual clients and the design/build community. We only carry the most beautiful and dependable structures in the industry. Our WHY is simple: to provide the world a better place to gather, to bring people together, and to ignite hope for our world!

Wishing you and yours warmth, light, and hope,

The Montana Fire Pits Family

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"This is an amazing product – you will not find any better fire pit or flame. We love sitting around the fire each night with the sunset. AND the service of Amy and Jonathan is unbelievable!!! They make sure everything is accurate and answer questions and do problem solving and do it all within 24 hours. Amazing! You will be very satisfied."
-Tom Thomsen