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From the first moment one meets the Heyde-Haus team, professionalism, accuracy, experience and a genuine interest in providing each customer with a positive and unique home building experience are present. Heyde-Haus are committed to maintaining world-class building standards from the design & manufacturing process to completion in an environmentally sensitive manner. This ensures the highest possible quality, durability and designed buildings created to high benchmark standards. The choices of materials are sustainable and provide a low carbon footprint.

Originally from Germany, proprietor Uwe Heyde studied the profession of Passive House building in the very country (Germany) it was created. Uwe is considered a Certified Master internationally and therefore, when he and his family had a chance to start Heyde-Haus in Canada they were excited about the international opportunity. As the province of British Columbia have committed to taking incremental steps to increase energy-efficiency requirement in the BC Building code to ensure buildings are net-zero ready by 2032, with Heyde-Haus ensuring that today!  Uwe and his team work specifically in the energy efficient method of building Passive Houses. Although this method of building is today’s most energy efficient building standard, in Canada it is still a fairly new green option.

Passive houses rely on airtight & super insulated envelopes, heat recovery ventilation systems and a thorough approach to slowing heat transfer through the walls which stabilized temperatures by making the thermal mass of the house work as a giant hearthstone. Once the home reaches the desired cool or warm temperature, it takes little energy to  maintain it there. Using their manufacturing plant to prefabricate the building components to the highest quality standards allows  the on-site construction to be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods .

Heyde Haus is conveniently located in the Okanagan Valley and currently has homes both under construction and completed in Alberta and the Central Okanagan.

From creating uber modern vacation homes to homes of a lifetime, consider Heyde-Haus to help make your dreams become a lovely green reality.

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