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Bildsten Architecture and Planning

Santa Barbara, CA

With its natural beauty, temperate climate and limited geographic size, California’s central coast communities are well suited to support carbon-neutral lifestyles. Studies show that residents of all ages who bike or walk to daily destinations tend to have strong connections to their neighborhood and community, as well as greater happiness and better health. In order to achieve this kind of sustainable community, there must be a vital combination of housing, workplaces, schools, shops and recreational areas within walking distance of one another. Together with designers, builders, property owners, planners, and developers who share this mission, we believe we can work together to achieve greater access, function, affordability and beauty in all that contributes to communities in the Santa Barbara region.

“Ellen has been a huge asset for me over the past two years. Her team recently worked through entitlements and permits for two of my properties with impressive results. She’s been the president of the Santa Barbara AIA and has a very high reputation within the city of SB, which has been extremely valuable – especially when working through tricky gray areas. Any client looking for ADUs or other creative value-adds would also find her highly valuable…also anyone looking to entitle and start new builds, great resource!” – Current client, ADU and SB9 projects