Schlauch Bottcher Construction Inc

Custom Home Builders | Big Sky, Montana

When working with a builder like SBC, rest assured you’re getting more than a team that knows exactly how to take those drawings from rendering to residence. It’s our ability to take all of your ideas from the kind planned out from day one to those last-minute kind scribbled on sticky notes and make them more than just ideas. It’s what sets us apart, and what brings a little bit of the Montana-family-owned-business into your Montana-family-owned-home. When working with SBC, you’re getting a skilled and dedicated team with a long-standing record of excellence. Delivering on promise, continuous honesty and openness, and an unmatched attention to detail are characteristics you’ll find running through the halls of the office right down to your job site. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know you and your building project, and beginning a long-term working relationship.

Right from the start of your project, you’ll see how SBC has earned its outstanding reputation: our team. We are proud to employ the best in the Valley in quality, dependability and downright friendliness. We’ve built a team that demonstrates dedication, prides itself on the “personal touch”, and most importantly, cares about you and your project.

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