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Builder Services & Finishings | Big Sky, MT

Marks Lumber is a family-owned and operated, Tier-1 timber manufacturer located in Clancy, Montana. For over 75 years, Marks Lumber has been creating beautiful, high-quality lumber products that help achieve the perfect mountain modern look. We manufacture a variety of specialty lumber products, specializing in circle sawn flooring, siding, lumber, and timbers.

The iconic, circle sawn texture of our products embraces a unique Montana look that has become incredibly popular with our customers. Our products can now be found throughout the nation, in everything from cabins to multi-million-dollar mansions.

We work with homeowners and builders to make their visions a reality, from small in-home renovations to full timber frame builds. As a traditional lumber mill, we oversee our process from start to finish, with all of our products going through multiple stages of sorting and grading to ensure you’re always happy with the wood products you receive.

All of our products are made from Montana-grown timber, harvested sustainably using Montana Forestry’s Best Management Practices. We are also a zero-waste facility, meaning we use every inch of the log in our process, reducing our waste and overall carbon footprint. We pride ourselves in being environmental stewards, always working to ensure the health of our forests and the enjoyment of natural wood products for generations to come.

Interested in working with us? Reach out to us at 406-933-5794 or info@markslumber.com, or stop by our showroom today!

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